Cara Screenshot Capture di Google Chrome

Screenshot Capture di Google Chrome sekarang lebih mudah dengan plugin Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate. Tools ini adalah salah satu plugin yang disediakan oleh google chrome. Dimana dengan menggunakan tools ini memungkinkan kita untuk mengcapture halaman sebuah website dengan cepat dan mudah. Kita juga bisa menambahkan beberapa settingan tertentu pada halaman website yang akan kita capture. Misalnya Capture Visible Part of Page, Capture Selected Area, Capture Entire Page, dan masih banyak lagi settingan lain yang bisa kita atur melalui plugin google chrome ini.


Cara Screenshot Capture Halaman Website di Google Chrome

Berikut kami sediakan step-by-step cara screenshot capture di google chrome yang telah kami lengkapi dengan keterangan gambar. Hal ini kami lakukan untuk memudahkan para sobat netter dalam mendalami tutorial ini. Silahkan simak baik-baik step-by-stepnya.

1. Buka Google Chrome > Tools > Extensions



2. Klik Get more extensions



3. Search Plugin Awesome Screenshot > Klik Add To Chrome



4. Selesai Plugin Awesome Screenshot : Capture & Annotate sudah terpasang di google chrome kita.



5. Sekarang pilihlah halaman website yang ingin Anda capture. Klik plugin Awesome Screenshot. Lalu Klik Done



6. Selesai. Sekarang simpan hasil screenshot kita.



Overview plugin Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

Sedikit kami berikan review tambahan tentang detail plugin Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annote ini. Informasi ini kami himpun dari situs resmi mereka. Berikut overview plugin Awesome Screenshoot: Capture & Annotate :

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click…


  • Capture or clip selected area, or all visible portion, or entire page
  • Support PNG format
  • Support horizontal scroll when capturing

[Annotate & Edit]

  • Annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text
  • Crop and scroll & Show crop area dimension
  • Use eraser to hide sensitive information
  • Copy the screenshot and paste it to gmail etc. Support Windows and Linux.

[Save & Share]

  • Save to Local
  • One-click to upload to awesomescreenshot.com and get a shareable link
  • Support Google Drive (Gdrive) Now.
  • Save very large image, by pass the 2M limit. No crash any more.

[Optional search enhancement feature]
Since many users don’t like it, we remove this feature.

[For Those with Privacy Concern]
Chrome will alert you that the extension may access all your data.
Here is the whole story.

  • We use chrome’s NPAPI (Which has the ability to access some local data) to work around a Chrome issue http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=45395 which may crash the extension when you save a large ( >2M) screenshot. The new version also delivers a much better “Saving screenshot” experience. If you still concern about privacy, you can install a lite version we designed specially for you http://bit.ly/iY6qPz .
  • The plugin has the ability to access your data, but it never does it. It only access your screenshot data. Chrome shows the warning even if extensions do not access any private data. We are also normal internet users like you, we hate the bad behaviour. We also believe in “Don’t be evil”.


  • Awesome screenshot can’t be installed in Chromebook ( CR-48) because it uses NPAPI which doesn’t supported in ChromeBook. However, we designed a special version for Chromebook http://bit.ly/iY6qPz .
  • Due to Chrome’s screenshot API, it can’t get the screenshot of Flash.
  • If you can’t find awesome screenshot icon in your browser, please re-enable it here chrome://extensions/ .

[Bug Report and Suggestions]
We appreciate and receive many user suggestions and requests for improvements. If you have features you would like to see added, or experience a bug for reporting, please send us e-mail at [screenshot@diigo.com]. Doing so will allow us to consider any improvements and correct any bugs as soon as possible. Thank you!

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http://bit.ly/hDJ5se You won’t be disappointed!

We need help! Send an email to screenshot@diigo.com if you’d like to help translate the extension to your language.

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